HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? People are always looking for the latest and greatest in health, diet and exercise, but rarely do they take the time to look at environmental toxins and how they affect YOUR health!  Not the big news makers like oil spills, air pollution, and hazardous waste, although those are obviously important!  We deal primarily with the small, cumulative exposures in our homes and surroundings that we come in contact with on a DAILY basis. Helping you to chemically DETOX and protect you and your loved one’s good health!

“My passion for living clean and green stems from my fascination with
longevity!  My mother’s side of the family all suffered from heart disease, cancer and sadly, quite short life spans.  Meanwhile, all her aunties from Italy lived to be nearly centenarians!  I believe our fast paced, fast food nation along with the overload of environmental chemical toxins is to blame.  Our bodies are designed to naturally cleanse and detoxify but not at the capacity that is needed to in order to deal with the toxic burden we are faced with today.  I want to share all that I have learned to help my family and others lead healthier lifestyles!  One of my favorite quotes stems from the similar Hafiz quote: “Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive”.  This is how I live my life, metaphorically and quite literally!” – Elizabeth Schultz


Making SUSTAINABLE changes to protect our HEALTH and our ENVIRONMENT!  Which level of “Green” would you like?

Eco-awesome Kitchen Detox:

A great place to start is the kitchen because it is the ultimate gathering place for the whole family! And the choices you make here affect everyone in the house every day.  Here’s where you can make the most impact in a shortest period of time!

  • detox your pantry of chemicals
  • navigating safe fish purchases.
  • water filtration
  • safest cookware, utensils & food storage solutions
  • simple green living kitchen tips
  • homemade cleaning recipes

Eco-fabulous Beauty & Personal Care Detox:

Our skin is our largest organ and our physical barrier to the world of toxins.  Learn what to avoid and how you can minimize your risks of chemical exposures in the products we use everyday. 

  • detox your personal care products
  • detox your beauty regime
  • the smelly truth about fragrance
  • D.I.Y. beauty products

Eco-ultimate Home & Body Detox:

You want to dig a little deeper and learn about how our bodies can help work to protect us from toxins and simple ways to cleanse our homes as well.  

  • safety around detoxing/why & how we detox
  • best cleansing foods
  • boosting immunity to fight free radicals
  • clearing the air
  • clearing the clutter
  • technology detox

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