And as promised, here is the list of Smackdown exceptions:

  • Food, of course, can be purchased new.  However, it is totally possible to get a “shopping fix” by purchasing indulgent food items, so keep that urge in check.
  • Very BASIC necessities such as toilet paper, personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, razors, feminine items, and medications.    Ahem, “basic necessities” does not include an emergency trip to Sephora or Victoria Secret.  Soap is a basic need.  Eye shadow is not!
  • Repairs, replacement or replacement parts of a survival need, such as a stove, refrigerator, car, batteries,  heater, etc.  We definitely encourage survival!
  • A well hidden emergency roll of paper towels, just in case something disgusting needs cleaned up and thrown out.   $#it happens…literally.
  • Items that may be required, such as uniforms or school supplies which may prove unavailable second hand…or third…or fourth…
  • Reusable items such as: cloth napkins, microfiber towels, stainless steel or glass water bottles, coffee thermos, mason jars, etc. that will replace disposable items.

So, there ya have it.  It’s only 30 Days and you’ve totally got this!  You are brave, strong and committed—Get out there and experience life without all the added baggage! And by the way, life enriching experiences which may or may not cost money, such as traveling, climbing a mountain, seeing a play, learning to fly, visiting a museum, etc. will all be given a giant Smackdown thumbs up.  Experience is what life’s all about, people! Enjoy it!

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