????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????These 6 months of our first Suburban Smackdown Challenge have, surprisingly, flown by.  Our families have endured without issue and are coming out on the other side with a new perspective on what we are capable of…and we have redefined what is truly needed to be happy and satisfied.  Our choice to focus on creating memorable family experiences, nurturing relationships and deepening our connection to this earth has added a richness to our lives that we couldn’t have anticipated.

Are we excited to take a break from the Smackdown?  Yes and no. The stipulations of our “Emancipation of Consumification” made saying “no” to bringing more stuff into our lives very easy.  We made it public to keep us honest. There were no debates.  Buying simply wasn’t an option. It’s been a full liberation from the treadmill of consumption. Our new focus, beginning November 1, will be on maintaining the new disciplines when the hard and fast rules of the Smackdown are no longer in place.  While it makes us a bit nervous, we feel confident that we will not return to old habits.

IMG_3563Friday is Halloween.  I was afraid that this holiday would pose all manner of whining.  To my relief, my boys have not complained once about the time we have NOT spent in the Target Halloween section.  I’m so proud of them!  I’ve broken out our trunk full of costumes and we have no shortage of ghoulish options.  If you visited my home, you would also see that there is no reason that I would ever, EVER need to purchase another Halloween decoration.  It is kind of ridiculous, really.  Niki makes fun of me because every time she walks into my house, I’ve pulled some other Halloween adornment out of my garage and into my living room. As a matter of fact, my Halloween “treats” this year consist of party favors and endless dollar spot chotskies (all unused) that I have thoughtlessly purchased for birthdays and holidays past.  While I hate that I have them, I’d hate worse just tossing them out having served no purpose at all.  At least this way, they will have a story attached to them before finding their way to a landfill.   🙁

 Happy Halloween!! Have fun and make fabulous memories!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Suburban Smackdown: The Final Days and a Nothing New Halloween”

    1. Hi Jennifer! Glad you found the post helpful. I love how you took it one step forward and mentioned saving up the ones that make it into your house from treat bags (Amy’s were from her “former life” of purchasing them for parties, etc., but of course, that is not something that would happen today!). Even though we are still trying to politefully decline when we can, we still end up with plastic trinkets from time to time. Thanks for your insightful comment! ~Niki

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