Spunky Avocado and Simplicity Organizers are teaming up to present the:

Less is More: Join the Movement

This lively, yearlong collaboration will kick off with a Junior League (1332 Maryland Avenue)

The month of April will be the official “movement” launch as we aim to help individuals and families learn how to slow down, simplify their lives and break the cycle of over-consumption. The Less is More Movement will be broken into 12 focus areas, 1 per month, which will give participants/followers the tools they need to successfully address each area which serves as a long-term blueprint for simple, mindful, and healthful living. The focus areas will include:

April –Consumption Overview/Excess
May-Excess toys/Playroom
June-Food/Healthy Eating
August –Mindful use of Technology
October-Eco- Efficiency
November –Garages/Basements/Paints/Excess
December –Holiday Simplifying/Gift Giving/Experiences
January –Stress/ Exercise/ Nature
February –Offices/Paper/Technology
March –Personal and Household Product Detox
April-Wrap Up and Lessons Learned

For more information:

Spunky Avocado: spunkyavocado.com
We are health coaches who help individuals and families develop the eco-wellness habits of mindful/conscious consumption, whether it involves eating, shopping, work, technology/media, etc. In essence, we help clients eliminate the debilitating weight of excess, for a simpler, happier life and a more sustainable world.

Simplicity Organizers: www.simplicity-organizers.com
We are a professional organizing company dedicated to helping our clients experience more freedom and peace in their lives-Simplicity itself.

What to bring:?A salad topping to share. Free for all Junior League members who register on-line. Junior League Members,Click Here to Register