Greetings, readers! Spunky Avocado and Simplicity Organizers are teaming up to present: Spunky Simplicity Less Is More, a year-long consumption-busting collaboration designed to give participants the tools they need to successfully declutter their lives. Broken into 12 focus areas, from food to clothing to technology, our monthly blog posts will serve as a long-term blueprint for simple, mindful living, and conscious consumption.  Local folks can join us for our kick-off Lunch and Learn on Thursday April 7th.  Click here for all the details.

Here are a few words from each of our teams with some inspiration behind this collaboration.



Examples abound of the idea that not only is enough, enough, but just enough is an incredible luxury. Less is more! At Simplicity, this is our reason for being and sharing this concept with our clients is just as important as the hands-on organizing.

Contentment arises when we feel gratitude for what we have, not angst for what we don’t. Happiness comes from the simple pleasures of home and hearth, not from acquiring ever more things and riches.

Simplifying your life requires a good deal of introspection and honesty. Less is more!

Consider these possible paths from The Simple House by Sarah Nettleson:
Simple is Enough. Needs and wants are not the same.
Simple is Flexible. There are many paths to achieving your goal. Be creative. Share ideas. Ask for help.
Simple is Thrifty and Sustainable.
Simple is- well, Simple. Are you overwhelmed, over-scheduled and over “stuffed”? Streamlining your home and your life might be just the ticket to reducing hassle, stress and chaos.



“It is not what you look at that matters. It is what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau

We have a tendency in our culture to always be looking to “what’s next”. We miss the sacred in every day moments because we are looking toward tomorrow for the new and improved version of our life, ourselves, or our possessions. When our bowl becomes full, instead of being satisfied, we look for a larger and then a larger bowl, convinced we must fill it in order to keep up.

However, the path to true contentment lies within deep and honest gratitude for the abundance that is. Yes, abundance…and it is just waiting to be recognized once all the other clutter has been cleared.

Niki and I have been down this road before. When we embarked on our original Suburban Smackdown Challenge in 2014, where our families bought nothing new other than food and a few essentials for 6 months, it was clear that it would be a life changing experience. And while we can’t claim it was always easy, it was always very simple and in the end, very satisfying.

Here is a brief summary of our biggest lessons learned:

1. Experiences, hands down, trump the acquisition of stuff.

2. We realized how little we actually NEED.

3. Allowing your children to be bored, uncovers immense reserves of creativity.

4. Spending purposeful time with your family makes for a happier home.

5. Letting go of clutter and stuff you don’t need doesn’t just clear your home, it clears your mind and your soul.

6. Eliminating errands to go buy this or that frees up a lot of time.

7. We discovered how resourceful we could be without opening our wallets.

8. More time spent in nature feeds every aspect of our being.


As we begin a full year dedicated to further reigning in our consumption habits, we invite you to join us on this journey toward “less” for a more fulfilling life. We will be honored to help you make the shift from accumulating stuff to accumulating memories and rich experiences as you cultivate deeper connections with people and the planet.

If you’d like to join our private Facebook Group, Less is More, which we hope will bring you inspiration, confidence and motivation to get out there and live more while consuming less, please email us.

Peace out.

~Team Spunky and Team Simplicity

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