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Amendment 5/27/14:

  • Since food is not part of this challenge, we want to be clear that growing food (gardening) is also not affected.  We encourage people to grow as much of your food as possible, so have at it!  Feel free to buy seeds, plants, and gardening needs as long as they are used for edibles or to build a better garden. This includes things such as lady bugs that you might use for pest control.
  • Secondly, part of this challenge includes eliminating one-time-use disposable items such at paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, plastic bottles, etc. So, in order to make that possible, we are also approving the purchase of permanent items that will replace the disposable items such as: cloth napkins, microfiber towels, stainless steel or glass water bottles, coffee thermos, mason jars, etc.  See our favorite reusable items here.