To Meat Or Not To Meat?

As health coaches, one of the most-common fears we hear from our new clients is that we are going to make them stop eating meat.  In reality, this decision is as unique to the individual as their political or religious beliefs.  It’s not something that can be determined (in the absence of a medical condition) by an outsider.  So I feel like the first thing I need to say is Read More

Heal Eczema Naturally With These Six Tips

We know you guys are itching to read this guest post from Jennifer (pun intended).  Jennifer blogs about her family’s journey with eczema, allergies, and asthma at It’s An Itchy Little World.  She is also founder of The Eczema Company, an online store which provides natural skin care, protective clothing, and laundry alternatives for children and adults suffering from eczema. Jennifer can usually be found in the kitchen where she prepares all meals from scratch and without genetically engineered ingredients. She enjoys playing board games with her two children and husband.

Just a couple of years ago my son’s skin was red, inflamed and dry from head to toe. I saw him suffering on a daily basis and it took a toll on not only me, as his mother, but on our entire family as well. Thankfully my son is 95% better today. How did we get there? After a lot of trial and error, we identified his triggers and found Read More

Holiday Gift Giving Eco-Style

Most of us have way more things than we need.  And while we love to give gifts for the holidays to people we care about, many of these people would probably say they, too, have more things than they need.  So what do we do?  We go shopping, of course, for the perfect gift or for one that will, at the very least, cross another name off our endless list.   Throughout the holiday season we repeat this process with utter disregard for Read More