Raspberry and Cashew Breakfast Bites (Gluten-Free)

To call these little bits of goodness “Breakfast Bites” is truly rather limiting.  When we whip up a batch of these thumbprint cookie-like power treats, they tend to disappear at random times throughout the day; some go missing at breakfast, some after school (some during school, but we won’t point any fingers at the person home during that time!) and even some after dinner.  The beautiful thing about that is Read More

Recipe Rehab – Banana Bread Muffins

When was the last time you were flipping through old recipes and thought to yourself “Man, I really used to love that recipe, but there is no way I would eat that now!”.  Times have certainly changed.  We have better nutrition science and practical experience under our belts which have made it clear that some of the ingredients that we used to consider “healthy” are anything but.  Margarine, vegetable oil, granulated sugar, refined flour…I’m talking to you!  Spunky Avocado’s Recipe Rehab was born out of a need to tidy up those favorite old recipes and make them healthy…again.  Welcome to the first recipe in our Rehab series (we are relying on our readers here…send us those old fave recipes!  Just email them to us at spunkyavocado@gmail.com).

Our first Recipe Rehab victim is a good, ol’ fashioned Read More