Feeling that last-minute push for holiday greatness?  Yeah, it’s a little hard to escape!  I’m going to keep this short because you are either basking in glory for all your pre-planning and are now perfectly in the moment of holiday Zen!  OR, like me, you are still scrambling!

We have a few favorite ‘go to’ holiday recipes that are both yummy and healthy which will hopefully help ease your holiday duties!  These are perfect to bring to parties, or use as host gifts.  Or, if you just want a few quick and easy options to feed your house guests and those very hungry children who will be on winter break.   Plus, they are healthy approved and good for you!  Shhh, don’t tell the kids!


We all need a little sweet treat now and then but this Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bark will even please the serious sugar cravers!  This superfood favorite packs a powerful punch of healthy antioxidants as an added bonus.  We actually keep some in the freezer at all times, not just the holidays.  You can even customize it to your liking with other favorite add ins like coconut flakes, chia seeds, almonds, dried berries or whatever you prefer.



Homemade Goji Berry Granola is another family favorite that will have your house smelling amazing.  Yes, we love goji berries.  They are good for you!  This recipe has a long shelf life and is great for little snacker cravings or would also be a lovely gift to give in a reusable glass mason jar  instead of the normal holiday cookie exchange.  Again, feel free to customize with other ingredients to make your own perfect blend!  



Lastly, Pomegranate Avocado Salsa is great to bring to parties as an appetizer or for just hanging out watching football with the family.  We Spunky gals LOVE avocados, and this is a pretty and very nutritious way to enjoy them, especially during holiday pomegranate season!



For more easy and healthy recipes ideas, visit our recipe page under Spunky Eating.

See, short and sweet, so you can get out of the kitchen and do what you are supposed to do.  Enjoy the holiday season and your loved ones!

Cheers & Happy Holidays,


p.s. The Spunky gals are into the practice (not perfect) of mindfulness, especially during the crazy holidays!  Check us out on our latest appearance on Charlotte Today:

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