hiddenitesmallIn theory, I enjoy camping quite a lot.  I love having adventures in nature with my family and the peace and quiet which accompanies it.  But admittedly, my thoughts leading up to this weekend were mostly about:

  • how really I needed to be doing nearly 100 things OTHER than camping
  • the sleep I almost never get when camping, which leaves me grumpy and unproductive the next day
  • those middle of the night dark and scary treks to the bathroom where I’m sure I am going to run into a rabid raccoon
  • missing Niki’s Cinco de Mayo party (hmmph!)

So yes, I was being a bit of a Debbie Downer and, clearly, had put no thought into how this particular camping experience might challenge our Smackdown rules.

It was not until our arrival at the Emerald Hollow Gem Mine in Hiddenite, NC, that it became obvious that in order for the boys to fully participate, they would be walking away with various rocks and gems that they would literally unearth on our visit.  Activities would include sluicing, hunting for mineral treasures in our camp-side creek, as well as prospecting on our own chosen spot in the forest. 

photo(2)In the end, we had one of the best over-all camping experiences that we’d ever had. The weather was perfect.  Sam, my seven year old geologist, was in geological heaven. My family was happy. And, I even slept.

Were rocks something new? I guess so.  Did I let them enjoy their camping activity? Of course.    ~A

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