The Durnbaugh Family Takes On The 30 Day Suburban Smackdown

We love reading the stories of our 30-Day Suburban Smackdown participants.  They are inspiring and keep us motivated as they remind us of our own experiences during our original 6 month Suburban Smackdown.  It’s been our privilege to share some of these stories with you. Each piece features raw, often unedited quotes from the participants […]Read More

Featured Family – The Herzel’s Suburban Smackdown Experience

Woo-hoo!  Our first Suburban Smackdown Featured Family experience!  Up until today, you have only heard from the Hitch and Taylor families as to how we are incorporating the Suburban Smackdown into our lives and how our two families are adjusting to the life of extremely mindful consumerism.  Rather than hearing just from us and what […]Read More

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