???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The one thing I have discovered for sure as this purge process continues, is that if you buy a bigger house you fill it….and you fill it quickly.  Even though we moved the contents of our Florida home, as well as a good part of our former Ohio home into this house, there were still things we purchased to fill and fit the additional space.  Yet if I were to compare the percentage of household space that we used in Florida to the percentage of space we are using here, I’m afraid it is rather shameful.  We used almost every room in our little Florida house every single day.  My husband’s small office regularly doubled as a guest room and from time to time our kids would give up their bunk room to accommodate more. Yet, we never felt crowded there.  That little place lived large.  Here, we have four additional spacious, furniture filled rooms that go mostly unused. While it is a beautiful house that has provided space for all the stuff I now find myself cleaning around and rummaging through, it was more than we needed. And in this larger space, I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic.  What sense does that make?

On a slightly different note, I continue to be amazed at all the useless stuff we were willing to drag around from year to year and state to state.  Anyone need a 19 year old Ralph Lauren wool pantsuit?  I hear shoulder pads are coming back. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~A

6 thoughts on “2000 Square Foot Too Many?”

  1. Amy, I understand what you’re saying. Denny and I went through our purge in Dec., 2012, when we moved out of our 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 3400 sq. ft. house. We had a formal livingroom, a hearth room, a family room and a loft w/seating. There were only 2 of us there most of the time and we spent the vast majority of our time in the family room in the basement. We now have a 1015 sq. ft. condo w/2 bedrooms & 2 baths AND IT’S ALL WE NEED. Sure, I would like to have more closet space and more storage, but you are right–if I did, I would just fill it up. Now, I have to think before I buy something–“where am I going to put this and will it fit?” You are a very smart, brave young woman. All of us can learn from you. YOU ROCK, GIRL!

    1. Hi Sharon. Our true needs come down to pretty simple things, don’t they: the people we love, our passions in life, food, shelter? Everything else is icing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement. A big hug to both of you. Keep enjoying that sunshine! ~A

  2. I understand the claustrophobic comment! It’s because you have to wade through all the stuff (rooms/furnishings) to get to where you are going. Looking at too much stuff or clutter, if it truly is, makes me feel unorganized. I prefer minimal decorating using only things that truly have meaning not the latest trend. I can change things up with throw pillows and an afghan, rearranging the furniture, changing out some pictures, or a new plant. Besides, I do not want to spend all of my cleaning all of these extras! I want to go and have some fun!

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